About Us is the first social media network for the home focused on providing a platform of inspiration.

Our goal is to inspire and engage homemakers throughout the entire lifecycle of creating a home, whether renting, owning, building or renovating. Realty will provide Agencies, Contributors and Products a platform to instantly make their listings and content a social media hero!

Recognising the shift in consumer behaviour, we believe socially driven innovation is paramount to the success of the Great Australian Dream - creating a home. Traditional online listing portals offer a place to research and buy a house, takes that further by offering a destination to create a home - a digital lifestyle channel that will provide inspiration and ideas throughout the entire homemaker lifecycle.

Our audience will be inspired by content, products and services across various categories including Indoor, Outdoor, Investment, Photography, Arts & Crafts, Renovation, DIY, Design and services with the ability to save & share their favourite inspirations, whether they are inspecting to buy, renting an apartment or adding new cushions to the lounge.