A real estate company with purpose, founded by Troy Rushton, has developed the first social property marketing network, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the buy, sell & rent experience seamless, empowering and intelligent.

We have geo-mapped Australia into prominent towns and neighbourhoods, and are fast building online local communities for these areas. These social communities will deliver:

  • Greater reach to property clients
  • Marketing efficiencies for agents, and
  • Reduce costs of selling homes.

We can publish every "Just Listed", "Just Sold", "For Rent" and "Off-Market" listing geographically through our “mailbox” product which uses our artificial intelligence (AI) engine to match potential buyers with relevant properties.

Using AI and social media, we can deliver properties to buyers much faster using “push” technology rather than traditional email alerts.

Our mission is to inspire homeowners to find their place in the world.

Our approach is innovative and non-traditional and it empowers us to think and act differently. We offer a seamless infusion of technology, AI and social connection to reduce the friction in buying & selling property and broaden the client reach.

We also seek to inspire our Geo-Social audiences with relevant content, products and services across various categories including:

  • News,
  • Entertainment,
  • Investments,
  • Arts & Crafts,
  • Renovation & DIY,
  • Design & services.

Our audience will be able to save & share their favourite inspirations, whether they are inspecting to buy or rent, planning to sell, or adding new cushions to the lounge.

A network of talent

As an innovative residential network, we empower our agents so they have more time for their clients. With the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and an ecosystem focused on service, Realty is the future in real estate marketing.

A tech company reinventing the space

To be an industry leader, we need to offer the smartest tools built by the brightest minds across design, engineering and strategy. Through our proprietary platform, Realty is changing how agents, buyers & sellers navigate the process of finding and selling a home.