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Carly Nazer is welcomed to Century21 Lifestyle Caloundra as Property Investment Manager and comes with 8 years experience in the Real Estate Industry. Property Management is not only a career to Carly, she considers it the core of her future with big goals and ambition to grow everyday to better herself, her role and her life.

Carly has always embraced being a young professional in this industry; she brings new innovative ideas and a fresh perspective to Property Management. Her positive attitude towards any given situation ensures expectations are exceeded, and you can always count on a helping hand and warm smile.

A short note from Carly: "I don't think it matters how long you have been in the Industry, there is always more to learn and space to grow. I think the most important thing to want in a career in Real Estate is to grow, and knowing your strengths and strategies is important in order to achieve growth. When building relationships with clients, each and every journey is different and the most important thing to focus on is building a strong foundation of trust. As expectations are now higher than ever for consumers in all walks of life, we must believe in ourselves and truly understand what is expected of us as Property Managers so we can exceed this every day. When you know your Landlord's expectations and you respect your Tenant as a vital peace of our ecosystem, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals in Property Management. The main motto I follow in life is; we are all in the same boat. The minute you can reflect back to this phrase, it really balances everything out. We are all human and we are all after one thing really, happiness... so let's find it together."

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