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About Lynette Oakley

Lynette is a qualified florist and started her career at Gay Flowers in Sandy bay which gave her a good introduction in to the custom service side of the industry. She still keeps in touch with her friends in this area and still helps out at busy times, valentines day, Mother's Day and at Christmas time when time permits.

Lynette started her real estate career at the end of 2003 when the property boom peaked. Lynette was very successful in sales with extensive training she became one of the top 20 percent of sales people in Australia! 

Lynette wanted to experience the challenges of Property Management and changed her career path to that field.

'I think every one should have a Fall experience and whether in property management or sales we can find a home for you'

If you have any queries regarding real estate please don't hesitate to give Lynette a call on 0417 303 381

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