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Fi DImos, Wealth Manager at Yellow Brick Road, has 25+ years experience in financial services, and has built a name for developing relationships built on trust and consistently delivering on her promise to her Customers. Whether it be, a home or commerci
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Fi (Fiona)  Dimos

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Feeling anxious about buying your property? Tip #1: Know what you can afford Long before a lender starts crunching the numbers to determine your borrowing power, you need to think about what’s realistic for you. Are you prepared to compromise your lifestyle because buying a dream home is your number one goal? Or, would you prefer to lower your expectations on the type of house you can afford if it means fewer lifestyle sacrifices? To make these critical decisions, it’s a must to have a budget
Fi (Fiona)  Dimos

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Contact me for an obligation free, confidential discussion about how I can help you refinance, or buy your new home..0409-999-006

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